© All rights reserved Hollala is a trademark of Victualium UG (haftungsbeschränkt) site notice  Syrup made by biodynamic processes The HOLLALA Demeter syrups combine biodynamic crop  cultivation with an extraordinary taste experience.  Our roots and home are in the idyllic Pfaffenwinkel region in  Upper Bavaria.   At the Demeter farm Hofgut Thalhausen we have been  growing elderberry trees for ten years. It is here that we  originally had the idea to develop Demeter syrup of the  highest quality.    Thanks to the addition of raw cane sugar and a gentle flash  pasteurization the syrups are given a longer shelf life. The  added lemon juice, also from a biodynamic product, is used to  improve the flavor and to act as an antioxidant.   We deliberately refrain from using artificial additives such as  citric acid during our creative process. HOLLALA is a pioneer  as we are the first company that processes Demeter raw cane  sugar from South America in syrups.