© All rights reserved Hollala is a trademark of Victualium UG (haftungsbeschränkt) site notice  Pleasure and leisure Our ingredients come from farms where produce is cultivated  using bio-dynamic farming methods. During the harvesting  period our producers take care to uphold our impeccable  standards. We constantly strive to preserve the flavors and  aromas of our ingredients.  There are five varieties HOLLALA Demeter syrup:     Elderflower    Black currant*    Lemon    Peppermint    Chokeberry-lemon    Elderberry    Rhubarb  The syrups are particularly rich. For this reason we  recommend a ratio of 1:10, for example with cool mineral  water. A good tip is to use the syrups to refine sauces and  dressings.   Other varieties  Additionally, other HOLLALA Demeter syrup varieties are  already in the pipeline. We look forward to hearing from other  Demeter farms. With their help and resources we can extend  and develop the HOLLALA range even further.